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Individual members :

Individual membership embraces theatre companies, organisations or persons who are not able to participate in the other forms of ASSITEJ membership, with the purpose of bringing them into networks and working towards the formation of new networks in the future.

Individual members are NON – VOTING members.

Individual membership can take various forms. Here are some examples:

  • A theatre company or other organisation which is currently not able to meet the requirements for membership as a National centre, due to lack of representivity (for example), but which wishes to participate in the work of ASSITEJ, while working towards membership as a National centre.
  • Individuals from countries where there are currently no ASSITEJ National centres.
  • Individuals from countries where there is an ASSITEJ National centre, but this centre has not given them access. This last category will be subject to certain very specific conditions.

ASSITEJ is mainly sustained by the fees from its members. These are the proposed amounts per year: -Individual membership ($30 min. – $50 max.) *Fixed USD-EUR rate 1:1

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